Getting ready - Why I need a photographer from the beginning

Are you still debating about having a photographer with you in your room
while getting ready for your big day? Imagine complete freedom, giving
„control“ to someone else and just being able to enjoy the moment without
worrying about THE perfect picture. Here are a few reasons, why your
wedding photographer should document and photograph you and your
friends while getting ready


The probably most important reason is, the sooner your wedding
photographer is with you, the sooner you get to know him and the more
comfortable you get around him. There’s nothing worse than pictures with a
„fake“ smile. You should be relaxed and just enjoying your day. Then the
prettiest photos are always natural shots, when you don’t even know that
you just got photographed. Of course the photographer also gets to know
you and your guests a little better, so he gets a feeling of what kind of photos
he could take.
Usually bride and groom get ready within the same hotel or house just in
different rooms. Then of course the groom isn’t allowed to see the bride
before the ceremony. And of course the bride needs a little longer to get
ready than the groom. So normally the photographer would start to take
photos after the bride’s hair is done and when it slowly comes to putting
makeup on. Then you want to look well rested and fresh in your photos,
right? It is pretty normal for him to spend around one hour with the bride and
about 30 minutes with the groom. Obviously the groom won’t need that long
to get ready, but it is also nice to just sit together with friends and get
„emotionally“ ready for what’s coming. So why not calming these nervous
nerves with a glass of cold champagne? You won’t even realize, that
someone is taking photos of you, cause you’ll be so happy with your closest
guests and it’s just such a friendly and comfortable atmosphere around you.
So one massive benefit is that your photographer gets to know you even
better and gets a feeling for you two and your guests. Then of course the
biggest priority is, that everyone feels comfortable around each other.

See what Mel is thinking:

„I can’t recommend enough to have your wedding photographer with you,
while you’re getting ready for your big moment. For my big dream wedding, I
had my family flying in and we all stayed together at the beautiful „Pullman
Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort & Spa“. Our rooms were very clean and
quite big so we had enough space for suitcases, dresses and makeup station.
On the actual wedding day my bridesmaids, my mum and I, all got ready
together and Nicolas our friendly and really funny photographer offered to
arrive earlier, so he could take photos of us before the actual ceremony.

He stayed most of the time with us
and took lots of photos and just
really focused on us. Then he left
and did the same thing with my
husband and his friends. I’m glad
we told him to take photos of us
during the whole process. I feel
like it is such an important step
and big part of the wedding and
most people completely forget to
document it. Thanks to Nick I
could completely focus on me, my
family, friends and most importantly my wedding and didn’t have to worry
about something like taking photos. This is one of my favorite pictures he took
that day. You can only see the reflection of my eyes, but you can see he really
focused on the most important thing in the room – the bride. I have lots of
beautiful photos and memories to look at and think back to and I can’t thank
him enough for it.“

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