Nicolas came to work for me at Happy Medium Photo Company in Sydney, Australia back in 2007. He walked in off the street looking for a job and at that time we already had a large team of photographer’s so I didn’t have a large amount of work to offer but quite quickly he showed me his talent and he ended up being one of my most sort after photographer’s. We had many customer’s from Family re unions, Work parties, Charity events to Harbour cruises, buck’s and hen’s parties, Sporting groups, Schools and Swimming centers. This became Nicolas life for the next few years in Sydney. He was very adaptable, energetic, cheeky but also professional and punctual. He worked with us until his departure back to France in 2010. Back then we still worked with real film and our photographer’s had to know how to be patient and efficient. This one particular event, I was approached by the Catholic organisation for the World Youth Day of 2008. It was to photograph the entire youth festival for 5 days in total from start to finish and Nicolas did his job well. This precious photo of Nicolas’ was his own personal shot, in the right place at the right time. I don’t think anyone else was capable of getting a shot like that ! Nicolas chased « The Pope Mobile of Benedict XVI » for more than 4 block’s, determined not to let him get away ! I know it gave him great pleasure and I was very proud when he presented me with this photo. I was very sad to see Nicolas leave Happy Medium but he was going home to France with his « Love » and new baby. I wished him all the best.