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Your best friend, like you never seen before.  A star is born!

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Your pets under studio lights

I have photographed a lot of dogs and cats but also rabbits, chickens, ferrets and even tortoises. I have learned the best way to put each animal at ease while respecting its well-being. I work with positive methods and try to make the animal pose without restraint. It’s a moment of joy, sharing and companionship for your best friend as well as for his master! My shooting is spontaneous and the expressions prove that in my work.

 It is always with the same pleasure that I capture the emotions of your best friend, to offer you unforgettable memories! I adapt myself to each animal to get the best results.

A photo shoot is a moment of companionship.  Today’s photos will be tomorrow’s memories and you will keep them for the rest of your life. That’s why I pay special attention to the small details and to your wishes. My task is above all to make sure that each photo has a story to tell and that it reflects the unique personality of your pet.

introduce me to your pooch... the frog is a whisperer!