Gift idea with an animal -Your pet photo shoot!

Are you looking for an original gift idea for an animal lover? A unique experience full of emotions with an animal? Cairns pet photographer Nicolas Tanguy of Frog-image-photography is an expert in animal photography with a passion for capturing the loving relationship of animal and human.

Photography is a unique souvenir engraved in time. Whether it is a dog, a horse, a cat… all animals can have a photo session whatever their age. Nicolas Tanguy, an experienced and talented Pets studio artist, knows when and where to capture the best your animal has to offer on the day

A photo session with an animal is a unique and privileged moment with your animal. It is a quite incredible experience to live, hailing from France Nicolas makes the photography session a bonding experience between you and your animal, a loving and memorable event in itself… The photos taken during the session with Nicolas Tanguy at Frog-image-photography generally speak for themselves 

Photo shoots with dogs

Dogs are often filled with love for their master! They are all very different, by their breed, their character, their attitudes… but they all have a little bit too cute… Generally, photo shoots with a dog take place in nature to highlight the natural beauty of the animal (it is also possible in a studio) near in a place of your choice. There is no need for the dog to be “obedient”, there are always ways to interest him 😉 Photo shoots can be done whatever the age of the dog… from puppies to really older dogs (the oldest dog I was lucky enough to take a picture of was 16.5 years old, the youngest 5 weeks old for a breeder ;). If the person has several dogs Nicolas Tanguy can photograph all of them during the same photo session.

Portrait photos, in action, with several dogs or with the master, everything is possible… Generally, dogs love it, they spend their time playing, interacting with their master and sniffing full of new smells (the life of a dog what 😉

Photo shoots with horses

Photo shoots with a horse usually take place where the horse is. At the stable, in the quarry, in a field, in the water or in the forest according to the owner’s wishes. Nicolas can take pictures of the horse alone, with its master on foot or mounted. Usually the horses lend themselves quite well to play and it is quite easy to have nice attitudes. Some like to graze, others prefer to move… Nicolas takes the time it takes to make the animal comfortable.

Photo shoots with cats

Conversely, photo sessions with cats are very often held in their homes. This avoids all the stress associated with travel. Nicolas travels with a specialized mobile pet photography studio incorporating all the equipment needed to make beautiful pictures of the cat in its environment. Their curiosity always ends up winning, even if they are shy at first or decide not to show up right away 😉 There is no time limit, so Nicolas takes all the time it takes for the cat to be comfortable. Usually it ends with a cat happy to have spent his time playing or in big cuddle mode

Photo shoots with other animals

Rabbits, birds and even cows, (ici enumerer tout les animaux que tu peux photographier) often require on location photography (yes yes, I’ve already had all this little world to my great joy  ). The photo sessions can be whatever the animal is. To do this, we simply adapt the place and the session to the animal outside or inside with a special mobile pet photography studio.