Dog photo: tips and advice!

Everyone wants to get images of the bond between them and their animal , However it is not always easy to make beautiful pictures of your dog.

Indeed, taking pictures of your dog allows you to keep beautiful pictures of him, to have fun, but also to have a good time together while having fun. To capture beautiful pictures of your dog, the

techniques are almost the same as taking other pictures of animals such as adapting lighting and

exposure, understanding the animals feelings, and a lot of patience. It also takes a lot of shots to be

able to take beautiful pictures. Here are a few tips to help you take beautiful pictures of your dog:

Take a beautiful photo of a dog: make it beautiful before the session.

Take a beautiful photo of a dog: make it beautiful before the session.

Obviously, it is a good idea to groom your dog before the photo session,

especially if the session takes place indoors. Take the opportunity to take him to a grooming

salon. Also think about any accessories you might want to use for the photos, such as collars, clothes,

toys, etc.

Plan the photo shoot in advance

Take time to consider the attitude you want to immortalize: the way he stretches on the

mat when he sleeps, the way he jumps when he hears dinner being served, the way he runs and

jumps to catch a ball in the garden, etc. In fact, if you have a specific idea, it is best to plan the photo shoot well and wait for the right moment. forget that the most successful photos are often

those taken on the spot! Make sure you use the right lens and that your camera is properly set up.

Opt for natural light.

To avoid red eyes, the use of a flash incorporated in the camera is not recommended. Indeed, it is preferable to use natural light in order to bring out its beautiful eyes. Be as close as possible to natural light sources, such as the balcony or window. On the other hand, if you are outside, avoid placing your dog in full sunlight. Wait until the sun is lower and the light is softer to have a nice contrast. Also favour nature as a decor, so it is best to avoid houses or anything industrial in the background.

Make bursts to have a beautiful photo

Want to take a picture of your dog running or playing with other dogs? An easy way is

to put your camera on speed priority. Indeed, this mode allows you to choose a shutter speed

adapted to the situation you want to capture. It also allows you to avoid motion blur. Also think of

using burst mode to immortalize a funny, adorable, improbable moment. This way you

will increase your chances of getting a great shot. There is no ideal time for a dog photo session. Indeed, everything depends on your dog, his energy and his attention.

Other tips for a successful dog picture

In order to have beautiful pictures of your dog, it is important that the session is a game and must

remain a pleasant moment for him. So, give your dog a good time and he will give it back to you! It isalso important to be attentive. If he shows little cooperation, it’s best to take a break. Play with him and do some exercises. Also think about giving him a reward