« Nicolas captured this photo of my son Paul happily playing with my wedding dress whilst I was having my hair done. It alway’s brings a smile to my face. During my first meeting with Nic, he suggested we have a preperation photo session, which to be honest didn’t interest me at all. With the fact of already having three small children and being in a relationship with my partner for over 12 years, I instantly thought of chaos and stress. I also thought, there will not be enough time but time was not a problem for Nic, he insisted and persuaded me to change my mind with the idea to even help entertain the kid’s and occupy them whilst I was getting ready. He preferred to construct a good relationship with my family, than to just shoot randomly and explained it helps calm down the kids before the family photos, so they will be more relaxed and natural.

I chose this photo from our wedding preperation as it shows the spontenaity of Nicolas’ style . What photographer goes to the length of taking a photo underneath your dress, while at the same time keeping the other kids occupied, the bride calm and telling her « this photo will be unique ! »

My parents and my guest’s didn’t stop to congratulate him and tell me what a great job he was doing to intergrate himself and make everyone feel at ease ! After we decided to take on Nicolas as our wedding photographer, we were not only happy to have found a great photographer but to also have met someone that left an impression in our memories. Thank you Nic. »