Taking „the“ big step

Are you getting married soon?

Are you a diver and maybe haven’t been in the water for a while? Are you
getting married soon? Are you maybe from Cairns or surroundings? And
have you always dreamed of your big wedding day and your bachelorette
party weekend in paradise? All this is only one „Step“ away here in beautiful
Cairns, Far North Queensland. Make the big „Step“ and „Dive“ straight into
your new life with family, friends, delicious food and cocktails and the most
beautiful location.

scuba wedding in cairns

Cairns is not just super close to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, it’s also right
next to the oldest rainforest in the world. Cape Tribulation, a beautiful part of
the tropics, where the Daintree rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. You
can go out on different reef cruises like „Down Under Cruise and Dive“ or
„Quicksilver Cruises“ from either Port Douglas or Cairns, to have a closer
look at the reef. If you want to do one last crazy thing before you get married
like diving with sharks, the amazing Reefs like Hastings Reef, Opal Reef,
Flynn and Milan Reef are not just the perfect spots for it, they’re also just a
short boat drive away.
Of course Cairns can offer more than just that. If you want to enjoy the
sunset with cold and refreshing cocktails after a long and exciting day.
Cairns Esplanade is the perfect spot with lots of local restaurants and bars
like „The Pier Bar“, „Hemingway’s Brewery“, „Salt House“ and many more.
In case you’re still looking for a wedding venue, Cairns has lots of wonderful
locations and places to offer. If you feel like a tropical rainforest, jungle
wedding Kuranda could be the perfect location. If you prefer a romantic
wedding on the beach Port Douglas, Palm Cove or Clifton Beach have lots
of venues and spots with a spectacular view of the ocean.

See what Laura is thinking of this idea:

„I personally love the idea of combining my wedding with a fun trip out to the
Great Barrier Reef. I am a dive instructor myself and think it is a great way to
celebrate this important step in my life and my last weekend in „freedom“. Of
course all my girls are divers as well so the perfect opportunity for one last
solo dive. This is also how my personal love story began. When I first came
out for a trip on this boat, I didn’t just fall in love with the ocean, no also with
my handsome groom. So celebrating my wedding up here in Cairns, is not
just bringing up a lot of memories, no it is like a trip back in time. I can’t wait
to celebrate and enjoy my special day with all my friends and family!“

Are you in Cairns or surrounding in the next few weeks? And want to hear
more about diving, wedding and photography? Come to the Cairns wedding
expo „I Do“ on Sunday, 13th March 2022 and meet Nicolas Tanguy, Wedding
photographer in Cairns from Frog-Image-Photography. Have a look at his
beautiful displays of his work and have a chat with him. You will notice
straight away how friendly and funny he is. Get expert advice, let him take a
few photos and convince yourself