Nice To Meet You…

Blossoming in the diversity of photography,

Beginning my career in Parisian cabaret’s at the age of twenty and then following the rally Tunisia on holidays with my back pack. Using roll films (argentique) and progressing over the years into digital, I am very thankful to have made this transformation while working with the general public and also celebrities. In my travels, I have had the opportunity to work for the French government several times over a 4 year period for ( Prime Minister Manuel Valls ) and then in Australia working freelance for ( Pope Benoit XVI or the Sydney Swans football team). From weddings and action sports to family studio photos, births, special events and pets,  I have refined my photography technique, as always, with a passion for more intense results. Having almost 20 years in the photography industry, I understand what it takes to be a professional photographer.


What makes me happy to go to work?

The diversity of my job! Every photo shoot is magic by it’s diversity! From the subject, their style, their culture, and their objective. From country, region and the weather that accompanies it. My day will be different but the challenge is every time the same, to deliver a professional and artistic product to my customers.

My secret weapons:



vivacious personality

my hard working attitude

to finish, I say in French:


 -“Chaque évènement est unique! Son succès passe par le souvenir que l’on en garde!”

-“Each event is unique! its success depends on the memory we keep of it!”

From Sydney to London, from the Tunisian desert to the Riviera Maya; from the Caribbean islands to the “Chic” corners of Paris. I am a real globe trotter, and have adapted my own photographic style for the last 20 years. Working with people from all walks of life. From the unknown to celebreties, from high society to middle class, all races, all sexualities , atheist, catholic, muslim, protestant, jewish, and hindu, I love to learn and love to share all of the magical moments with my whole heart, and this, you will find in my photographs.

How do you choose a photographer that will help you, guide you and most of all leave you with photographs that will create emotions within your soul that you haven’t felt before?

My passion for photography will seize the best of your events, my happy, fun-loving approach and my professionalism will allow me to immortalize your moments and to restore your emotions.

“Having always worked in events or animation before becoming a photographer, I learned that a good relationship with the clientele was a source for success.

Listening to your wishes, I always direct my shooting according to demand. Animator, organizing crowds and concerned about the result for photos posed but still natural and relaxed. I will be as discreet, erased and withdrawn for more spontaneous photos, like moments of life or atmospheres; always looking for original images at the height of your event. From the moment a relationship is established, I like to meet the organizers to understand the type of desired images and adapt the correct attitude to have for the best result.