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Dear future spouses,

you are about to get married in Far North Queensland where many happy and unforgettable moments await you. In order to immortalize your wedding, the best and most beautiful day of your life, you will, no doubt, call upon a professional wedding photographer. His/her job will be, to make it one of the most beautiful memories to cherish for you and your future family. Every bride hopes and wishes to have the most beautiful images to recover year after year! Here, I will tell you a few precious tips and tricks that will help you look beautiful in your wedding photos!

My name is Nicolas, I am French and have been a professional wedding photographer for over 20 years. During this time I have captured traditional weddings, religious weddings and gay weddings in France, Mexico and Australia. The purpose of this article is to share with you some tips to make your wedding pictures as successful as you want them to be!

Of course, the know-how and experience of a photographer plays an important role, but the final result does not depend only on him/her. You together will also have to contribute and take into account some essential elements so that you as a couple are the stars of this fabulous event. Following these recommendations and it will reassure your choice to invest in a professional photographer. Join me on our journey together!

1. Select a wedding photographer whose work catches your eye

When choosing your wedding photographer, keep in mind that you should only listen to yourself and your feelings, about the work of the photographers you have consulted. The photographer, who appeals to you, not your family or friends, but who matches your vision and your ideas should be able to create the story you dreamed of. Take the time to browse the websites of the photographers you are considering before making your choice and choose the one that will best suit your sensibility and your expectations.

An essential piece of advice to make the right choice: any photographer can make some pretty pictures on a wedding day. Often, on websites, you will only find examples of a few pictures of different weddings. Ask the pre-selected photographers to show you complete stories of a couple. From the preparation of the bride and groom, couple photo session, the wedding ceremony to group shots and then on to the reception, wedding dance and cutting of the cake.This way, you will get a better idea of the quality of their work and the effort they are willing to make on the your special day.

To validate your choice, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with the wedding photographer(s) you liked. Ask yourself why do you want to make an appointment? Because it is only during a meeting that you will understand if he or she is capable to meet all your expectations and will produce the photos you want of the most beautiful day of your life.

If he or she lives far away, opt for a video conference on Skype or any application where you can meet face to face, so you can get a better understanding of their personality.

2. Don't save money on the one thing you're going to keep forever

You put all your heart and effort into the organisation of your wedding and the choice of the photographer is probably the most essential decision you can make because they will record these precious moments of this very important day.

Choosing a photographer based solely on price is a mistake. So many couples have done it and now live with many regrets.

A little tip: It is better to hire a good photographer from 7am than a bad one from 12pm.

And a second tip: If you don’t have the time or the money to hire a professional photographer, I advise you to fall back on a friend instead. This will always be less risky than entrusting the job to a stranger who know’s how to take photos and who will take your $600 or $700 and produce a result that could have been done by a friend. You also take the risk of hiring a person against whom you will never be able to turn to in case of problems (eg,oss of photos due to a technical problem, very bad quality of the shots, disappearance of your provider with your deposit etc, etc ..)

3. Share your ideas with your photographer

Of course, you will chose a photographer whose style you like and who corresponds to your vision of a wedding photo. It is true that a professional photographer will put all his ideas, creativity and experience at your disposal. But if you really want to have photos that are unique to you, don’t hesitate to give him/her your ideas and expectations! Talk to him/her about what you want and how you see the results of your photos. Think about places, accessories, back drops and bring your sensitivity you imagine for the final result. You are free to dream, so talk to your wedding photographer. In any case, a good professional will always go after your expectations, your desires and your choices while giving you the benefit of all his talent and expertise.

4. Sleep gives you a healthy glow

This is probably the most important advice. I know it’s hard to be completely relaxed in the days leading up to your wedding. There is often a lot of unfinished business and the stress is gradually taking over. But, it is very important to get enough good sleep for the two nights prior to your wedding. This will prevent dark circles under the eyes and help you to relax. The professional photographer can touch up some things in your photos, but there is nothing better than looking naturally fresh and rested with a beautiful skin tone!

5. Hire a true professional makeup artist for your wedding day

Well done make-up can make a big difference to the bride on her wedding day. Beauty professionals know how to create effortless and flawless make-up, especially one that will last all day to resist all the trials and tribulations of the wedding! And let’s not forget that a beautiful professional make-up artist will help you look even more beautiful in your wedding photos!

During a photo session, your photographer may have to use a flash. In fact, the use of a flash is a must during a photo session at the studio or at the wedding party. And artificial light is not very flattering for the models: the shine, the imperfections of the face, the shadows are reinforced and more visible. So a professional make-up artist knows exactly how to combat these aspects. You can find make-up artists that don’t charge an arm and a leg.

6. Allow enough time for your wedding photo session

On your wedding day, due to the pressure you face after all this time and effort you have spent preparing to make every aspect perfect, you might end up looking very stressed in your photos. Therefore it is very important to allow plenty of time for your couple’s session photoshoot either before the ceremony or after the wedding. If for financial or other reasons, you choose to organise it the same day, you should plan for a minimum of 2 hours. This should include traveling to the destination where you want to shoot the session.

Smile! You are the stars for the day;

On your precious day it would be a good idea to leave all the organisation tasks to your wedding party and enjoy the day! Your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. Your wedding photographer will be there to immortalize your happiness and joy with his camera. Your bursts of laughter and your eyes filled with tears of joy will reinforce your complicity in your images.

Day After Wedding ” Couple Session;

If you don’t have time to organize a couples’ photo session on the day, don’t panic, we can organize a “Day After” session. This session is a great opportunity to create beautiful couples’ photos, without the stress or the pressure of your big day. There are no guests waiting for you. We can even consider taking the photos in another destination where it may not have been possible possible on your wedding day.

7. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot

Nothing is improvised on your wedding day, and this is also true for your photos. In order to take successful wedding photos on the big day, you need to be comfortable and know how your photographer works. A little training on the desired poses may be necessary. During a pre-wedding photo session, your photographer will give you precious advice, which will help you become familiar with his lens. The engagement session has several important advantages for the bride and groom. So I also invite you to read the article

Why organize an engagement session?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Cairns and surrounding areas in far north Queensland, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will gladly share with you more tips to make you the most beautiful bride and groom on the day.

I look forward to meeting you and to seeing you in front of my lens!